Friday, April 29, 2011

Pure Love: Episode 5

49일: 제5회
Ji Hyeon in Yi Kyeong’s body pretends to be her own friend, and uses some knowledge that only she knows to make her mother believe. It is because of this that she gets the seal in time, gets out of the house before In Jeong comes, and buries the seal in one of the potted plants in Kang’s restaurant. Kang, on the other hand, believes that Yo Kyeong is dying after seeing her at the hospital, which leads him to be more tolerant of her behavior. Minho relies on his dramatic skills to trick Ji Hyeon’s father into letting him manage their company despite his non-marriage to their comatose daughter. It seems as though Ji Hyeon’s victory over the seal is in vain, because now they are planning to declare her as legally incompetent to carry on with their plans. Ji Hyeon keeps on taunting Minho and he gets suspicious and confronts her, asking why she always gives him that look of despise. Sad because her wedding is supposed to happen today, Ji Hyeon is treated by the Scheduler to a shopping spree to cheer her up. In other news, it is revealed that Yi Kyeong has been carrying on with such a gloomy existence for five years now, as revealed by her psychiatrist, and as witnessed by Ji Hyeon.

This is one of the more exciting episodes thanks to all the confrontations involved. What Ji Hyeon does to get the seal is clever, and watching these characters outwit and outplay each other is just so much fun. The stakes also become higher as suspicions are raised because of Ji Hyeon’s actions while in Yi Kyeong’s body. There will come a point when all of this would boil over, and it would surely be interesting to know how everything would be resolved. What is a bit annoying, though, is how the Scheduler seems to be falling for our heroine as well. I mean, come on. Regardless how human you make him to be, he is still some supernatural being who should be devoid of emotions, but then again he wants to be human once more, and that is a legitimate point of argument. For now, it would be better if some consequences regarding Ji Hyeon’s actions would be seen. She could not always get away with what she is doing, and we are just curious as to what effects would these have on Yi Kyeong’s own life.

Expressions of the day
부럽다 I'm envious
이따보자 See you later

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