Friday, May 6, 2011

Pure Love: Episode 10

49일: 제10회
Kang finds Ji Hyeon singing a familiar tune while playing his piano. He confronts her and asks her if she is Ji Hyeon, something which she vehemently denies as this is against the three rules. Kang further investigates and meets the real Yi Kyeong twice. She does not recognize him. He concludes that perhaps she has multiple personality disorder. The real Yi Kyeong pushes through with her hospital tests, which triggers a flashback of her and her boyfriend having some mushy time while having a picnic. The boyfriend is the Scheduler. Ji Hyeon’s father signs his last will and testament anyway, refusing surgery despite constant prodding from everyone around him. He wants to be there for his daughter regardless if she comes back or not, and he could no longer do that if he dies in surgery. Ji Hyeon gives up her quest, discovering how difficult and nearly impossible it is to find three people who would shed pure tears for her. As she bids the people who have become her temporary family goodbye, she herself sheds genuine tears, and collects the first of three that she need in order to live again.

Wait, so Ji Hyeon herself counts as one tear? But before that, seriously?! Yi Kyeong and the Scheduler! That explains the awkwardness! And it is really weird, because the two are technically spending time together, even though it is Ji Hyeon who is in Yi Kyeong’s body. Interesting development! Now we also have to anticipate how their story would end. The Scheduler is said to be doing what he has been doing for five years in order to fulfill one wish. What wish would that be? Anyway, this is a heart breaking episode in so many levels. It has managed to evince a broad spectrum of emotions ranging from desperation to hope, all in just one hour! This show is halfway done, and with one tear already down, let us see how the remaining ten episodes would be utilized to collect the remaining two, if they would be collected at all, that is!

Expressions of the day
어떻게 알았지? How did you know?
없다고하지말고 Don't tell me it's nothing

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