Sunday, May 22, 2011

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 1/Episode 6

1.6 A Golden Crown
Ned wakes up in bed, with the King and Queen looking intently at him. Cersei is furious and demands “justice” for her brothers. Robert instead gives her both a literal and figurative slap on the face by reinstating his friend as his Hand. This gives Ned temporary power by sitting on the Iron Throne while the King is out hunting. He summons Tywin Lannister to court, a move that would surely ruffle feathers in King’s Landing. He also decides to send her daughters back to Winterfell for their protection, which Sansa vehemently protests because she wants to stay, marry Joffrey, and have his blonde babies. This random comment leads Ned to investigate, ending up with doubts as to why everyone in the Baratheon bloodline has black hair, and yet the crowned prince is blonde. Tyrion is still held captive by Cat and Lysa but uses his wits to break free and demand a trial by combat, which his volunteer warrior wins, granting him his freedom. Viserys throws a fit, threatening his sister and her unborn child. Khal Drogo responds by giving him the golden crown that he wants, in molten form poured directly on his head.

At last, good riddance! Goldilocks’ brother has been so annoying in the last few episodes. At least, he was able to get his last wish. It is indeed sad to see siblings fight, but when yours is an ambitious blonde spoiled brat who would whore you around so he could get his crown, it would be understandable if you just give up on him. Hopefully, Joffrey Bieber would be next, except that he is not really that annoying in this episode. Anyway, the bromance between Boromir and the King is plain awesome because it really pisses Queen Bitch off. Like, if the King had to choose, she would just know that she’d end up on the losing side! But the Best Lannister Award still goes to Gimli, for using his brain to get away from the sticky situation he was in. When it comes to the Lannisters, Cersei is the bitch; Jaime is the prom king; and Tyrion is the valedictorian. You know, you really don’t get everything in one package. Life is fair like that, at least in the Lannister family. The Bastard does not appear in this episode either. The Wall must be that boring during this period of the year.

“Sometimes possession is an abstract concept.” –Tyrion Lannister

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