Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pure Love: Episode 17

49일: 제17회
Kang and Ji Hyeon make it in time to convince Yi Kyeong not to leave for Busan. Yi Kyeong could now see and hear Ji Hyeon, and she is also aware that she has caused her death. She agrees to let her use her body for the remaining 10 days and even agrees with her to fool Minho. Ji Hyeon tells her that it would not take long and that she would eventually meet Yi Soo. Minho no longer knows what to do, and is forever wondering if it is Ji Hyeon or Yi Kyeong that he has come to love. Kang manages to foil his plan of declaring Ji Hyeon’s company bankrupt by convincing her mother to sell Ji Hyeon’s land through her seal that is with him. Seo Woo leaves In Jeong and declares their friendship over. Yi Kyeong moves in to Kang’s house so she could be protected from Minho. She tells Kang to stop loving Ji Hyeon because it would be devastating once she is gone for good. Kang gets frustrated and leaves, but Yi Kyeong suddenly gives him a tight hug. Or is that actually Ji Hyeon in her body?

This episode is just too fun to watch because even Yi Kyeong is now aware of what is going on, and she chooses Ji Hyeon’s side, even helping her with her mission. Now it is not just Kang who could save the day! Perhaps, it would be safe to say that one pure tear would come from Yi Kyeong, once she realizes the gravity of the situation she has put Ji Hyeon in. As for the third tear, this is a long shot but I am guessing that it would be coming from In Jeong. She has been so bitchy lately, you just want to toss her in front of a speeding truck, but between her and Minho, it seems as though she is the one who has some hope for redemption left. Seo Woo giving the last tear would be too easy, and she also has her issues because of her crush on Kang. Even with just three episodes left, this drama could still manage to keep everything hanging. Hopefully, the ending would not disappoint.

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