Tuesday, May 24, 2011

[CAPUL] Skipping Catarman

In fairness to Airphilexpress, the flight was fast. In spite of boarding and take off coming ten minutes late, touchdown in Catarman came ten minutes earlier than expected. My only lament was that ten minutes prior to touchdown my left ear was practically deaf. It was the first time I've had this experience. I felt like my eardrums were going to explode and my left jaw was tightening as if undergoing paralysis.

There were only a few sights to see in Catarman according to my list: three beaches, the University of Eastern Philippines, and a body of water called the Macagtas Spring and Lake. There was a Baranggay Macagtas but the residents did not seem to be aware of such a tourist site. The woman I asked for directions said that there was a dam nearby. Perhaps, that was it? I did not find out because I just boarded a traisikol going to the terminal and decided to skip Catarman altogether.

Next on the list was Bobon which had almost the same number of sites to see: some beaches, a waterfall, and a resort called German Town which piqued my curiosity. I just decided to skip it as well and go straight to Allen instead and, perhaps, catch a boat to a nearby island the next day. I was the first customer of the only Jollibee in town that day at around 7:30 AM. After eating breakfast and buying food to bring with me on the bus, I walked to the terminal and boarded a bus going to Calbayog.

The trip lasted for almost an hour and a half. I flagged a padyak upon arrival at the Allen Jeepney Terminal but because the driver did not know where Buenos Aires beach was, I had to transfer to a traisikol to get me there. It turns out that the beach is located in the next municipality Victoria.

It was very hot and sunny when I got there. People were swimming by the beach, seemed like a ton of fun. I wanted to join them so I approached the guys managing the place. I forgot the name of the place but it's near Veronica Beach Resort. I think the traisikol driver called it Spice of Life. I found out that a boat was leaving for Capul at 11:30. Since an excursion to the island requires staying there overnight, I decided to just go right there and then and just leave Allen for tomorrow.

I was on the boat by 10. We left at 11:45. Tip? Explore Allen during your waiting time. The church is within walking distance from the port. The trip to Capul lasts 45 minutes.

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