Wednesday, May 25, 2011

[CAPUL] Those Tiny Piranha Wannabes of Oson Beach

I'm bleeding. I'm bleeding! It was only during that third retreat to the shore when I accidentally caught a glimpse of my shins and saw traces of blood. WTF? Each time I went down into the water I would feel a sting similar to when an angry red ant bites you before you stomp on it. I leaned closer to see the culprit and there they were: white shrimp-like creatures only a tad bigger than a termite.

At first, I panicked because I thought they were poisonous but then I realized that if they actually were, then all those children playing there daily should have dropped dead by now. Good. By that, I mean the tiny crustaceans not being poisonous and not the kids dropping dead. I actually love kids, in a non-pedo kind of way.

What followed after that was 30 minutes of relaxation, first on the shore, and then on the hammock. I have never felt more at peace. A beach, after all, is not just for swimming. It could also be enjoyed in different ways, one of which is through meditation, which I did.

I stared at the waves and listened to their melody all while thinking about my life, my regrets, my pamily (because they is, ahm, they were the ones dot, AHAHAHAHA, wait), the people who have made my life a living hell and what kind of sweet revenge I would plot against them. Oh, joy. I think I would greatly enjoy being a beach bum.

Instead of buying condominium units, people should also invest on a black net tied to two opposite tree trunks in a secluded beach somewhere. Nothing beats the sense of tranquility derived from listening to the sound of the waves while watching a black askal chew on a huge seashell as boats occasionally pass by in the background. I would gladly exchange the ironically stressful yet eventless life I have in Metro Manila for those peaceful minutes of solitude on that hammock.

Oops, I almost forgot that this is actually about Oson Beach. Well, Oson Beach actually pales in comparison to the other beaches I have already been to. The color combination of sea and sand is no match for that of Anguib in Cagayan. The shore is composed of gravel and shells as opposed to the fine powdery sands of Caramoan. The absence of weird rock formations makes it boring, very much unlike Sabtang's Nakabuang which abound in character.

In short, it does not stand out. However, among the beaches I have mentioned, it is worth noting that only in Oson did I actually stop to savor the beach experience. While it lacks certain characteristics that give other beaches a clear edge, it does make up for what it lacks through its tranquility, the serenity of its atmosphere, and the prevalence of community life that makes it a way of life rather than just an aesthetically pleasing beach teeming with tourists. If only for that, Oson easily gets my vote.

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