Monday, May 9, 2011

Pure Love: Episode 11

49일: 제11회
Kang is the one to shed the first tear, and discover everything about Ji Hyeon’s mission. After the restaurant’s manager finds Ji Hyeon’s seal buried in one of the potted plants, Kang confirms his suspicion. He figures out that Ji Hyeon could not admit who she is, although he is unaware of the reason. He also observes Yi Kyeong’s daily routine and figures out how Ji Hyeon borrows her body. Ji Hyeon does not know that he knows, but he is helping her anyhow. Minho has to go to Jinan to fix some company issues. Kang also goes to Jinan to seek the help of a Buddhist monk to confirm his theory about 49 days for wandering souls. In Jeong and Seo Wu also go. Ji hyeon goes with Minho in order to find out more about his plans. Yi Kyeong undergoes hypnosis, and sees a vision of Ji Hyeon in her room. As Minho and Ji Hyeon walk down a pathway lined with cherry blossom trees, Yi Kyeong regains consciousness, consequently ejecting Ji Hyeon from her body.

It is quite a boring episode, actually. Somehow, the momentum gained from the previous one is not sustained here, and everything goes downhill after Kang’s contribution of the first of three tears. What is relieving now is how he could now help Ji Hyeon discreetly. Even though she is not aware that he knows, at least she is not that alone in her journey anymore. And so the first tear was not hers after all! Kang just seems to be an easy guess for everyone. For him to shed a tear, it has never been an “if”, but rather a “when”. Perhaps, the most important development now has been Yi Kyeong’s impending involvement in the way the plot unfolds. As she becomes more and more aware of what is happening, she would obviously play a big part in Ji Hyeon’s quest. Whether she likes it or not, their fate is intertwined now.

Expressions of the day
죽을때까지 Until I die
이제부터 From now on

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