Friday, May 20, 2011

Pure Love: Episode 20

49일: 제20회
Ji Hyeon, indeed, dies for good as she turns out to be the last person the Scheduler is tasked to escort to the elevator. Although she specifically asks Yi Kyeong not to tell Kang the truth about her remembering everything, she still does so. Everything goes on smoothly and she is able to bid everyone farewell with the six-day extension she is given. The second teardrop does come from Seo Woo, but the third one actually comes from In Jeong, who has regretted everything she has done, and turns out to be the one responsible for Minho’s arrest. Yi Kyeong did cry for Ji Hyeon, but her tears do not count because, *drum roll please* SHE IS JI HYEON’S BIOLOGICAL SISTER. She was not abandoned, but rather kidnapped when she was young. Her bag and shoes as a kid along with Ji Hyeon’s mother’s photos of her confirm this. Now she finally has a family that she could call her own. In the end, Yi Kyeong and Kang stand by Yi Soo and Ji Hyeon’s graves, thanking both of them for letting them appreciate life more, and live it as if they only have 49 days.

No shit. They did not have to be sisters. This is one of the most contrived endings I have ever watched. Seriously. Out of the blue! Ji Hyeon dying is fine; they could have just changed the title to 55 Days and it would have been tolerable. Life is unfair, we get it. Life is cruel, we get it. But the sister thing is just plain absurd. It is not even necessary for plot advancement! So why the heck, writers? You were THIS close to the finish line with a perfect performance, and you just had to trip at the last hurdle. In any case, this is still the Korean drama to beat in terms of storytelling, acting, and soundtrack. If we just pretend that the hey-I-am-your-long-lost-sister twist did not happen at all, then we are still good. There is no negating the awesomeness of those 19 kick-ass episodes. The message of the show remains clear. Life is short. Life is cruel. Life is unfair. But we just move on, because that is the only viable option available. I still love this show.

Expressions of the day
여기서 뭐해? What are you doing here?
맛없어? Does it taste bad?

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