Sunday, May 15, 2011

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 1/Episode 5

1.5 The Wolf and the Lion
Instead of bringing him to Winterfell, Cat brings Tyrion to her sister Lysa, the wife of the old Hand of the King. She however finds out that her sister might actually have a few screws loose. Bran becomes more depressed as the days go by, faulting his mother for leaving him despite his helpless state. Arya wanders into the castle’s dungeons and overhears two men talking about plans for her father’s murder. The King finds out about Daenerys’ pregnancy and is convinced that the Dothraki would soon attack them. Ned does not agree, for he believes that the barbarians do not have what it takes to cross the Narrow Sea. The two old friends call it quits after failing to settle their differences. Meanwhile, Ned also hears about his wife taking the younger Lannister hostage, news that also makes its way to Jaime Lannister’s ears, provoking him to attack Ned and kill all his men. The fight leads to the Lord of Winterfell suffering a very bad leg injury, limping and helpless in front of Petyr’s brothel.

I really think Cat and Gimli should be friends, and after witnessing him save her life I think this would be a possibility. Girl, your sister and her son are both cuckoo. I think she would do you more harm than good. Imagine if she kidnapped Queen Bitch instead? That would have been an interesting confrontation. But what is it with Queen Bitch that makes me feel so ambivalent towards her? Sometimes she is just so vile, but there are episodes where you would actually feel some sympathy towards her. I would even go as far as to say that she is the kind of woman Goldilocks would be after her much awaited revenge transformation. Her talk with the King about the complicated relationship seems a bit out of character, although you do get to realize that this could actually be the very reason why she acts that way. And wow, a lot of cast members do not make an appearance in this episode. I miss Goldilocks. Her scenes are scarce but they are always worth it. Even the Bastard does not make an appearance!

“What kind of imbecile would arm an assassin with his own blade?” –Tyrion Lannister

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