Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Miss Ripley: Episode 5

미스 리플리: 제5회
Myeong Hun and Miri are now a couple after she spends some time with him being intimate and all that. This newfound closeness allows her access to his office, which takes care of the diploma dilemma. Any awkwardness brought about by her intent to hide her true credentials is misconstrued by him as awkward adjustment for dating someone of his stature. Hee Joo wins the architecture drawing competition she participated in, but because of her alleged involvement with diploma fabrication, the award is withheld. Yu Hyeon convinces her to join Mondo as part of the planning team, but she is hesitant, not to mention Miri is totally against it, and hides her insecurity for potential competition under the guise of concern. Hee Joo’s clumsiness results in finding her lost diploma in Miri’s luggage, after which a confrontation ensues. Miri confesses everything all the way to her diploma fraud, but emotionally blackmails Hee Joo for all the difficulties she had to go through for being adopted by the Japanese couple instead of her.

BEST EPISODE yet. The confrontation between the two ladies is beyond awesome, from the acting to the execution. It is not really in character for Hee Joo to tell on her friend, but hopefully she gets a backbone in the next episodes and stand for what is right for her. As for Miri, you just could not read this woman. She does not smirk nor do funny faces when she is intimate with Myeong Hun. It seems as though she really has feelings for him, perhaps seeing him as some sort of father figure that she never had. But everything is kept quite vague, and you could only guess as to what is really running inside this woman’s head, aside from her very own survival. Like she says in one of the scenes, she is really just confused. And so are we. On the contrary, you might not really agree with her methods, but her motivation for doing so is clear from the very beginning. At least, there is some semblance of consistency. What a tragic character!

Expressions of the day
그런게 아니라 That's not what I meant
그럴줄 알았어 I knew it

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