Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Miss Ripley: Episode 11

미스 리플리: 제11회
Myeong Hun declares war on Miri and vows to put her where she truly belongs, as a way of correcting the mess he is responsible for. Yu Hyeon’s stepmother also throws Miri some punches by setting up a secret meeting with her and exposing all the dirt she knows about her, including her relationship with Myeong Hun. Instead of backing down, Miri takes them head-on by using her most powerful weapon: her influence on Yu Hyeon. As a counter-attack, Yu Hyeon reminds his stepmother about her lowly beginnings as a chambermaid before making it to their very household. As for Myeong Hun, he keeps his respect for the guy and instead warns him that someone is spreading nasty rumors about him, when in fact it is none other than Miri herself. One attack she has not expected, though, comes from Myeong Hun’s mother, who begs her to reconsider her relationship with her son. The old woman is successful in cracking Miri up, leaving her utterly guilty. The unfortunate side effect, however, takes a toll on the old lady’s health and lands her in the hospital, taken by Yu Hyeon himself, who sees the two after their talk by chance. Yu Hyeon’s stepmother opens a box from her vault, and in it is a photo of her and a young Miri.

Miri cries again! If only Myeong Hun knew, his mother is the perfect weapon against this lying bitch. Miri really has a soft spot for old women, perhaps because she yearns for her mother. And in the twist of all twists, Yu Hyeon’s stepmother is actually her biological mother who abandoned her when she was a kid! Could the world get any smaller? Seriously? For a while there you would think that Miri would finally surrender and just admit defeat. Maybe she has a conscience after all? Wrong. Instead, she fights back. Damn, girl has some strong fighting spirit and is determined to transform her web of lies into the truth. It is painful to watch because we know that would not really happen, and in effect she is just positioning herself on a higher pedestal, from which the fall would certainly be more excruciating.

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