Monday, May 27, 2013

Miss Ripley: Episode 10

미스 리플리: 제10회
Miri’s make-believe world starts to fall apart as Yu Hyeon, prompted by his stepmother’s staunch denial of his marriage, retaliates and holds a press conference announcing to the world that Miri is going to be his wife soon. Myeong Hun, after consulting with that slime ball from Fukuoka, heads to Japan and just had to see one provocative photo of Miri to prove that all of them have indeed been fooled by a bargirl from Nakasu. However, he is not the only one who is hot on Miri’s tracks, as Yu Hyeon’s stepmother is also keen on investigating. Hee Joo confronts Miri regarding her portfolio, and as expected, Miri comes clean and immediately shifts to emotional blackmail mode, but Hee Joo is not having any more of that. Nevertheless, she still decides to keep her friend’s secret because she is in love with Yu Hyeon and does not want to hurt him, which will eventually happen if she reveals the truth about who Miri really is.

We have another brilliant episode right here! As Miri’s fairy tale begins to crumble under its own weight, she actually begins to reflect on how she has lived her life so far. It is notable how she seems to be aloof all throughout the episode, her mind floating somewhere else as if she was not there. This is a welcome character development because it shows us that she is a human being after all, and she is starting to see the consequences of all her actions. Hee Joo deserves a consolation prize for giving Miri a very big slap. It is just about time, girl! She gets minus points, however, for not revealing the truth and using love as an excuse. We have a confirmed martyr here; could such a selfless human being really exist? It is unfortunate that Myeong Hun is getting hit by all these Miri revelations just now, but it is the opportune time because it will somehow lessen the pain for him. The same could not be said, unfortunately, for Yu Hyeon. The guy is just so optimistic and kind-hearted, you just have to wonder how he would take all of this once society drags Miri down to the pit of public humiliation. Interesting!

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