Sunday, May 19, 2013

Miss Ripley: Episode 2

미스 리플리: 제2회
Miri’s immigration deadline is fast approaching and she has just received a deportation notice. Busy fabricating her credentials, she is blamed for some random mistake a chambermaid commits in the room of her VIP guest. This leads to her being bumped off to standby, which could jeopardize her prospects for obtaining her work visa. Faking the University of Tokyo’s seal also proves to be a problem, which means she now has to find someone who has an original certificate for the process to be easier. Enter Mun Hee Ju (강혜정), a childhood friend from their orphanage days in Japan who is now also trying her luck back in Korea. Myeong Hun’s wife is divorcing him. A brief flashback shows that he was once a doctor who saved her fingers after an accident. She now wants a divorce, and is cheating on him with her piano teacher. Meanwhile, Yu Hyeon is revealed to be the successor of the hotel’s majority partner, and delivers a speech in English on how he plans to be an integral part of the family business.

Okay, has the drama lost direction this early or is everything just messed up? It is just that everyone seems to know everyone, and the chance encounters are getting more frequent. How small could Seoul actually be? Anyway, it is good to see Miri encountering all these problems; at least we could not say that her fate entirely relies on luck. She is also trying to influence the outcome, at least. Hee Joo is one of the four main characters after all, and she seems to be Miri’s opposite in terms of personality. For now, she is obviously used by the latter as a pawn, but it seems as though her role would be pivotal in the long run as it is established this early that she would be Miri’s main rival. As for Director Myeong Hun’s wife, the woman has some serious issues, but she is giving mixed signals so far, which makes you want to question if her character would contribute something important in the plot. As for Yu Hyeon, he only has happy problems thus far. He does not seem to be at ease with the luxurious life he is meant to live. Why reside in a goshiwon otherwise?

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