Monday, May 20, 2013

Miss Ripley: Episode 3

미스 리플리: 제3회
Hee Joo is just too happy to see Miri after a long time, but this naivety of hers is exploited by the latter for her own needs. The two used to be close friends in the orphanage. When the time came for Hee Joo to be adopted by a Japanese couple, it was Miri who got adopted instead, in order to protect her friend. Taking advantage of Hee Joo’s clumsiness, Miri easily finds the University of Tokyo certificate that she is looking for after she gets invited to her place, putting an end to that one dilemma for now. Yu Hyeon is moving on with the acquisition of Hotel A and of Miri’s love, but she rudely dismisses him, not believing his story of being a business empire heir to be true. Myeong Hun and Miri continue to have professional differences, with him winning the first battle by putting her on the restructuring list, and with her doing a counter attack by solving the dilemma of the Japanese prime minister’s daughter. It is stalemate for the two of them for now, and it seems as though they would be seeing more of each other.

Okay, so this episode wins in terms of structure and plot development. Watching them chase the prime minister’s daughter around Seoul gives you the impression of a well-written episode. What is noteworthy, though, is how Miri’s rather blunt brand of honesty is starting to have a life of its own, especially with such good natured people surrounding her. We understand that she had a rather rough childhood, but this does not suffice to give her a break for being a bitch. That is what happens anyway, right after her admission to Hee Joo that she would never let anyone treat her like dirt anymore. The girl has some serious issues, and she is really determined to make it out there. It is somehow ironic. Here we have a girl pretending to be what she is not and doing so with so much conviction. On the other hand, you have the likes of Yu Hyeon who should be the one acting that way but always remains down to earth. Contrast, anyone?

Expressions of the day
언제 왔어? When did you arrive?
무슨? What are you talking about?

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