Saturday, May 25, 2013

Miss Ripley: Episode 8

미스 리플리: 제8회
Yu Hyeon finally admits to Miri that he is the owner of Mondo before having her meet his parents. Miri has known about this for quite some time, and is exactly the reason why she is dating him. However, she still fakes a surprised reaction similar to Hee Joo’s, just to make her look less like the gold digger that she actually is. Myeong Hun and that Fukuoka guy meet, but the latter does not divulge anything that could harm Miri. Instead, he says that she is deeply indebted to him, and asks Myeong Hun for compensation, which he voluntarily gives to protect Miri. Miri does not know this at first and is bound to confess all her lies, but is quick to pick up the hint that her partner in crime has not really revealed anything about her fraud. It is Hee Joo who finds out about Miri’s affair with Myeong Hun, and is left with the burden of knowing all of her friend’s secrets, wanting to expose her because she is an obstacle to her happiness, but could not do so because she is far too kind for that. Yu Hyeon proposes to Miri. Now she has two!

Myeong Hun, you idiot! Just when you thought another person would get a hold of Miri’s secrets, he dismisses the opportunity and bails her out. And for what? Love? Perhaps the strongest element of this episode is Miri’s revelation on how clueless she is regarding the definition of love, which she openly admits to Hee Joo. This helps you understand her better. Come to think of it, it is just logical because she has not experienced any kind of genuine love, even unconditional, due to her rather depressing childhood. It is because of this that she confuses love with need, and hurts people in the process. As for that Fukuoka guy, he is just so revolting, but you cannot really reduce his role because he is the catalyst for poetic justice to be served when it is due. I just hope that this slime ball suffers a cruel fate once everything comes to an end. As for Hee Joo, come on! Expose your friend! That would be fun. We really need someone who could put Miri where she belongs. Seeing her get away with everything every time is starting to get really old.

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