Thursday, May 30, 2013

Miss Ripley: Episode 13

미스 리플리: 제13회
Yu Hyeon calls off his engagement with Miri after he finds out about everything from different sources, primarily from that slime ball from Fukuoka. Slime ball also met with Yu Hyeon’s stepmother to warn them about hurting Miri and that he would retaliate if they do so. Despite their falling out, Yu Hyeon tells Miri that he would wait for her until she gets to accept herself, no matter how painful it is for him to be deceived like that. Miri’s multiple fraud starts to surface one by one. Her academic credentials are put into question as some anonymous students expose her on her website, leading to her receiving a summon letter from the Seoul police charging her with fraud. She is also removed from her TV show as a consequence. In spite of all these, she tries hard to salvage what is left of her fairy tale life, begging people left and right.

Someone is desperate and just would not give up! You have to understand where she is coming from, though. If you have gone that far, it would not be that easy to give up, and you would really try to hold onto whatever you can just to maintain the status quo. Tragic. The best solution here is to lay a good foundation for everything you do. Basing everything on a lie will not really get you anywhere and the advantages would be temporary at best. If Miri just came clean to Yu Hyeon from the very beginning, this story would have taken a different path, knowing how that guy is just so genuine. What could be construed as naivety from his side could actually be considered as levelheadedness, something that you could not really buy, but have to grow up knowing. What is kind of disappointing would be Hee Joo not contributing anything substantial to the current turn of events, but then again this could be attributed to consistency in character. She really is not the type to play the vengeful bitch.

Expressions of the day
사랑이 무섭네요 Love is scary
이유는요? And the reason?

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