Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Miss Ripley: Episode 12

미스 리플리: 제12회
Myeong Hun’s mother dies, and Yu Hyeon recognizes her as the woman he brought to the hospital. This is, however, not his first encounter with the truth about Miri. His stepmother, aka Miri’s biological mother, organized a lunch with the family and invited Myeong Hun to psychologically torture Miri. This plan has had a different effect, though, because when given time alone, Miri and Myeong Hun freely talk about everything that has happened to them, with Yu Hyeon unintentionally eavesdropping in the background. Taking it one step farther, he contacts the slime ball from Fukuoka, after Myeong Hun himself confesses to him about his relationship with Miri. Yu Hyeon’s stepmother is confirmed as Miri’s biological mother, admitting through a flashback that she never really wanted to abandon Miri, but had to do so because of circumstances that could not be helped. Hee Joo calls it quits and talks to Miri one last time to let her know that she is moving away, and that she could no longer be her friend.

Damn, too much for one episode! Yu Hyeon received those bits and pieces of the truth as if he got hit by a wicked Street Fighter combo enough to knock him down. Now that Miri has lost her last weapon, which is her influence over Yu Hyeon, there really is nothing left to do but wait for her inevitable downfall. Dead end. Game over. Perhaps, this would reverse the tides once again, as the anti-heroine is cornered and left without a choice. Seeing her panic while hearing Hee Joo’s news that she is abandoning her as a friend is just priceless, and that scene is so awesomely acted by Lee Da Hae because you can see the desperation in her eyes. Hee Joo might be her bitch, but she is the only one that she considers as a refuge, even though she would not admit it. Now that her only friend has finally come to her senses, Miri is alone in the world once more. Now that all the cards are on the table, it would be a sin to miss an episode. Everything is bound to be exciting as this drama comes to a close.

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