Friday, May 24, 2013

Miss Ripley: Episode 7

미스 리플리: 제7회
Myeong Hun pays Miri a surprise visit in Jeju, but she meets him at the door and leads him outside to prevent him from seeing Yu Hyeon in her room. Yu Hyeon, on the other hand, goes back to Seoul via private jet because of his father’s hospitalization. The two meet again in Seoul, but not in a favorable way. It is Miri’s birthday, and Yu Hyeon decides to throw a surprise party for her with Hee Joo’s help. However, Hee Joo’s feelings for him get the better of her, and Miri catches Yu Hyeon trying to console her, and interprets in a malicious way. Before that, Miri is surprised by Myeong Hun by taking her along to a church, where a chorus sings her a beautiful song. After that, he proposes to her. She refuses, feigning concern for his reputation as the reason, which leads him to come up with a plan that involves getting her out of the hotel and into the academe. Racked up with guilt, Hee Joo seeks refuge at the convent where they grew up. Miri takes advantage of this absence by stealing her portfolio and claiming it as hers, so she could get the teaching job. Things seem to be getting along well, until that guy from Fukuoka appears again, and forces her to agree to do some dirty job for a certain President Kang.

On one hand, you get to laud Miri for showing some emotion. The highlight of the episode would be that scene in which she reads a letter from Hee Joo. She values their friendship and it is obvious that she cares for her friend. Unfortunately, her ambition and love for herself is way beyond anything or anyone. And then she steals her portfolio. On the contrary, it seems as though poetic justice would be served in time care of that Fukuoka guy who I truly abhor, which could only mean that the actor is doing a good job being so vile. It is good that Myeong Hun is starting to get some doubts about Miri. It is about time to calculate her downfall as we approach the show’s halfway mark. In any case, poor Hee Joo! That girl deserves to be happy, and she could actually be, if she just claims what is rightfully hers. But no, she is just too nice, and people are taking advantage of her because of it. Poor thing.

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