Friday, May 31, 2013

Miss Ripley: Episode 14

미스 리플리: 제14회
The episode focuses on mother and daughter, and all the revelations regarding their doomed relationship. Miri’s mother had to abandon her in order to marry Yu Hyeon’s father. Since Yu Hyeon’s grandmother was against the relationship, hiding the truth about Miri was essential, and led to her eventual abandonment. Both Miri and Myeong Hun are brought in for questioning. Miri denies all the accusations thrown at her, and insists on her lies being the truth. Myeong Hun shares his version of the story, which is the truth, but the detective would not believe him. The slime ball from Fukuoka comes to Miri’s rescue, forcing her to run away with him to save her because no one there would really protect her from whatever is coming her way. Conflicted, she visits the convent where she and Hee Joo were left as children. Yu Hyeon’s stepmother is also there, being convinced by a nun to meet her child. Yu Hyeon also arrives to inquire more about the truth. The three of them eventually cross paths, an unlikely meeting that will once and for all settle the truth.

Wow, slime ball from Fukuoka! Who would have known! His feelings for Miri, after all, seem real. He also thinks that he is the night in shining armor in this story. Suddenly, he has gained my respect. While his could be considered more as an obsession, he actually cares, and is that not what Miri has been yearning for the longest time? Even so, this guy is becoming intrusive, and would probably be utilized as a plot device to redeem some characters before everything ends. Perhaps what is disappointing would be the noticeable shift of focus to the mother-daughter angle. It seems as though the show is trying to justify every wrong decision Miri has made because of her bad experience as a child, putting the blame on somebody else. That would simply not do. She violated the law, and should be held accountable for her actions. It does not help that the turn of events seems a bit contrived, using existing connections between the characters to resolve some loose subplots. Still, there is no denying that the way everything has unfolded simply makes for an enjoyable watch. After episode 10, there is no getting your eyes of the monitor. The plot is that exciting. Sleepless nights ahead!

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