Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Miss Ripley: Episode 4

미스 리플리: 제4회
Hee Joo is arrested but later released for charges regarding falsification of diplomas. The incident leads to her being fired and everyone’s credentials in the hotel being reviewed and verified. This becomes another dilemma for Miri, on top of the fact that her partner in crime in Fukuoka has tracked her down somehow. Witnessing the chase, Yu Hyeon gets involved and saves the damsel in distress, but all he gets is a cold thank you. He does not give up, though, after finding himself living once again in the same building as Miri. With no one else to run to, she moves in with Hee Joo, who is actually living in one of the rooms of her older, albeit not biological, brother’s flat, who in turn happens to be Yu Hyeon’s assistant with whom he is living with at the moment. Yu Hyeon befriends Hee Joo as a bridge to get to Miri and arranges a baseball match date, but Miri cancels after she successfully invites Myeong Hun to dinner, who brings her instead to his sick mother’s rehabilitation care center. Miri takes care of the old woman without hesitation, and by the end of the episode, Myeong Hun has fallen for her. They kiss.

Damn, so Myeong Hun falls for her trap. This game that the two of them are playing is difficult not to watch because it was kind of hard to predict who would actually win. Myeong Hun, for one, has all the managerial and marital experience to back him up, so you would think that it would not be easy for him to fall for her. She, on the other hand, has not been so subtle about her conquest, which eventually helped her come up with an effective smokescreen to distract him from her real agenda, which is to fool him with regard to her fake diploma. As for the attention she has given to his mother, though, one could argue that it is genuine. Miri, after all, has parental issues since her mother abandoned her. On the contrary, Yu Hyeon and Hee Joo seem to be the perfect fit, but if we are to predict what is going to happen, all this build-up of rapport between the two couples is just temporary. Once Miri finds out that her fate ultimately depends on Yu Hyeon, no one would really bat an eyelash once she goes for him. Judging from the intro in episode one, this story will not end happily. Brace yourselves.

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