Sunday, May 26, 2013

Miss Ripley: Episode 9

미스 리플리: 제9회
Myeong Hun and Yu Hyeon bump into each other buying engagement rings, not knowing that they are buying them for the same woman. Miri’s first day as a wannabe professor proves to be successful as she relies on her charisma to make up for her lack of knowledge and education. Myeong Hun drops by to congratulate her, but she is already on her way to an arranged meeting with Yu Hyeon, which turns out to be a marriage proposal. She accepts. He decides to finally introduce her to Myeong Hun, and this is where everything is revealed. Out of courtesy to his superior, Myeong Hun does not mention anything to Yu Hyeon. In a conversation with Miri later that day, she tells him that she never truly loved him with a stoic facial expression, but breaks down in tears long after he is gone. Hee Joo is also affected by the news, and by another case of her belongings being counterfeited, this time her portfolio.

Miri is conflicted, and this is a good thing because at least they show us that this woman is still a human being after all. Perhaps the question now is if her feelings for Yu Hyeon are as strong as her feelings for Myeong Hun. Her love story with the latter, if you could call it as such, started out with mutual necessity and was given enough time to blossom. Her love affair with Yu Hyeon was born when she saw him as a cash cow. Never was there any indication earlier in the story that she ever fancied him despite his likeable characteristics. Miri should just come clean and admit everything she has done. If these two guys really love her as they claim to be the case, then they will love her no matter what. Unfortunately, Miri’s ambition seems to know no boundaries. What is puzzling though is the realization that such ambition is not really what makes you happy, but rather the company you keep, and yet you hold onto that unreachable endeavor not because you really want to but because you want to prove to yourself that you can. PRIDE.

Expressions of the day
보고싶다 I miss you
잘자 Good night

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