Thursday, May 23, 2013

Miss Ripley: Episode 6

미스 리플리: 제6회
Myeong Hun is about to introduce Yu Hyeon to Miri as the president of Mondo Group, but is unable to because of some distraction from another guest at the party. She sees Yu Hyeon anyway and realizes the more important position that he holds. Hee Joo also finds out about him being the president when she finally accepts his job offer. Unlike Miri, though, she is taken aback, and finds it rather offensive that Yu Hyeon had to hide his true identity. With this new-found knowledge about Yu Hyeon, Miri suddenly entertains his attempts to get close to her, culminating with an excursion at Jeju Island. As she avoids Myeong Hun, he becomes more suspicious, and he decides to follow her there. Her partner in crime in Fukuoka has also tracked her down and is once again dragging her back to the illegal world in which they both belonged before she came back to Seoul.

Told you so. I just did not expect the change of heart to be this quick, just one episode! The sad thing is how Miri does not really seem to have feelings for Yu Hyeon. Although her sob stories are all true, it is obvious that she is just using the guy for her own advantage. When is enough enough? Myeong Hun’s status in life is not so bad, but then again, why target the soon-to-be president when you can flirt with the owner, right? It is now a bit annoying to watch Hee Joo suffer from all the troubles her friend is causing her. She could expose her anytime, and it is evident that she likes Yu Hyeon too. She is just too nice for her own good, and her naivety is something that could piss off people. Here is hoping that her character gets to evolve somehow. We hate the doormat and martyr types.

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