Saturday, June 1, 2013

Miss Ripley: Episode 15

미스 리플리: 제15회
Both Miri and her mother are unable to accept the truth. The latter runs away and confronts her husband, Yu Hyeon’s father, and ends up collapsing and hitting her head on the floor. She is hospitalized. Miri, on the other hand, hears more of the truth from Yu Hyeon, and automatically decides to hate her future mother-in-law, who turns out to be her mother after all. Myeong Hun tells Miri that he will take the fall for everything in order to spare her. She is apologetic, but this is the least of her problems, with all the truth about her identity being revealed left and right. The rumor has also been leaked to the press, and all forms of media are covering the scandal, mainly her fraudulent activities and the newly-revealed truth about her mother. Slime ball from Fukuoka forces Miri to come back with him to Japan, arguing that she will be facing unfair circumstances in Seoul. She disagrees, and wants to face own up to what she does, but he just would not let him. Enter Yu Hyeon to save the day, but as the two guys struggle, Miri threatens both of them to stop or she would take her own life. She accidentally falls off the quay.

Slime ball from Fukuoka has a point after all. The new world Miri has found herself in would not really treat her fairly, what with its obsession with qualifications and measuring a human being by virtue of such. He argues that in the end, all of them are human beings who deserve to be treated right, whether they have a diploma from the University of Tokyo or not. On the contrary, that is not a valid excuse to do something illegal. Laws are enacted to be followed, and nobody should be exempted from the rule of the land. It is a good thing that Miri has grown a conscience over time, and is beginning to appreciate the sacrifices that people are making for her. As for the plot, it is still something worth watching, but it has become quite predictable. With the last episode coming up, more of the mother-daughter drama would obviously be played up for some good old fashioned TV fanfare. Nonetheless, it has been an engaging series, and in terms of acting, everyone has been able to deliver.

Expressions of the day
안가 I'm not going
가지마 Don't go

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