Friday, May 5, 2017

Sense8: Episode 23

23. You Want a War?
When the detective arrives to arrest Sun’s brother for fraud, he creates a diversion and shoots him, prompting Sun to go berserk. A chase scene in the streets of Seoul follows suit, resulting in a car crash. Cornering her brother, Sun drops her weapon eventually and lets him go. She’s arrested by the police, orchestrates her own crash, and is whisked to safety by Riley’s Sense8 friend. Neets and Nomi propose to each other. Rajan comes clean about a corruption investigation he’s involved in and sends Kala to Paris, giving her the perfect excuse to run away with Wolfgang. As he packs his bags, Lila (Valeria Bilello) barges in followed by Whispers, capturing him. The other seven scramble to get to London as he is tortured. They defy all odds. Will tricks Whispers into believing that he’s just visiting him when in fact he is physically there for real. He beats him up and takes him hostage with the help of Kala, Lito, and Riley while Sun, Capheus, Nomi, and Neets take care of Jonas. They drive off with the two in tow, off to rescue Wolfgang.

That’s it. Wow, Seoul. Wow. I’m a fan. Going Terminator on Lil’ Bro in the streets of Seoul while sporting nothing more but sparkly undies. And with all those flashbacks juxtaposed, this would have been catharsis at its best. But then the predictable happened. What a letdown. As for the whole Berlin rescue operation, it felt like a blur. I know they have resources, but for them to outsmart an organization that is better equipped and has more connections? It feels too contrived. But I guess none of that matters now because we have to address the elephant in the room. FUCK YOU, NETFLIX? For the very first time we see the cluster literally together with an unconscious Jonas and Whispers in tow and you’re telling us THAT’S IT? This isn’t even a vague open ending! Jesus Christ. It hurts because when a TV show gets canceled, it’s fine because Netflix might revive it. What happens when it’s Netflix that cancels? Dick move, Netflix. Dick move. Now how do we raise $10M an episode to save this show? Any ideas? Guys? I cry.

"Who are we? Justice, motherfucker. And we're coming for you." –Nomi/Lito

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