Friday, May 5, 2017

Sense8: Episode 14

14. Who Am I?
Will gets a glimpse of the initial stages of the Sense8 experiment involving Whispers and Angelica. The two try to outwit each other into giving away their location, but are caught in a deadlock. Riley asks for Kala’s help to stabilize his condition, but his health continues to decline. Nomi and Neets delve deeper into their research on Homo Sensorium all while trying to hack Whispers, but to no avail. They visit the mother of Sarah, the “ghost” of the girl Will often saw as a kid, and discover her connection to the Sense8 program. Lito attends his movie premiere with Hernando and Daniela and gets grilled by the press, just as Capheus is interviewed regarding his matatu’s glorification of violence and white supremacy in Nairobi. Wolfgang, joined by Sun, visits the zoo and reminisces about his mother. All of them rush to Will’s side just in time for him to ambush Whispers, who is caught unawares visiting one of the company bigwigs in London. His location is a dead giveaway and is left with no choice but panic as Will promises that they will come for him.

You think you’re hunting us? We’re coming for YOU! Hooray! IT’S BEEN AGES! Even the Christmas Special seemed like it was released eons ago. And the opening sequence really had to be Chicago and Reykjavik? I’m not hating but I’ve grown tired of their druggy love affair by now. But let’s give credit where it’s due. These two are driving the plot forward, which is what this show really needs. You also have to appreciate how they can play on the same level as Whispers despite their lack of resources. One has to be resourceful! And yeah, Amsterdam! Sometimes I forget it’s these impromptu field trips that I just so love about this show, aside from the characters themselves, of course. I don’t know if I like the new Nairobi yet. He does not look like the old one AT ALL, and the accent is unstable. He shifts back to British once in a while and you just hear it. Let’s give him a chance, though. Anyway, I still don’t get who this Sarah girl is and what her role in the bigger scheme of things is. All in all, it’s still as exciting as before. Welcome back!

"Labels are the opposite of understanding." –Nomi

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