Friday, May 5, 2017

Sense8: Episode 15

15. Obligate Mutualisms
Will’s cluster celebrates their victory, mocking Whispers and going full-on with their investigation. With Whispers officially off their case, they now have to deal with his boss at BPO. Their momentary euphoria is cut short as Sun is escorted to what is supposed to be her execution. As all eight feel the jolt of the tasers, they are rescued by an unexpected ally. They use the opportunity to successfully break her out of prison, and she goes into hiding in Seoul. Lito’s movie deals start to fall apart and they begin to feel the pressure. Wolfgang and Felix are constantly bribed with luxurious gifts by their new friend, who proposes an international money laundering business partnership. He is seduced by his assistant, a gorgeous Sense8 from another cluster. Jonas reappears and they discover that he is the last of his. Will meets up with Whisper’s boss, who explains that there are factions within BPO that want a more peaceful future. Just as he is offering him an olive branch, Whisper’s assassin ambushes them and kills him on the spot.

Oh yeah, kick-ass Seoul is back! Damn those tasers, though. I almost forgot how this Sense8 thingy works. So if Sun died via strangulation, would all of them have? But that was one heck of a scene. I felt a jolt, too! HAHAHA. More of those action scenes, please. And wow, again, the logistic side of it! Their scenes together are multiplying, and these are not all in just one city. You see them all together in Seoul, in Amsterdam. The behind the scenes experience for the cast must be AWESOME AF. I mean, that kind of jet set lifestyle must be exhausting, but the bonding and the side travels? Wow. And then we have a new flirty Sense8 on the loose. I wonder how many clusters are there and what their philosophy is? I thought a Sense8 can only share his senses with others from the same cluster? It looks like there is still a lot left to discover. I want some sort of a Sense8 royal rumble with other clusters! Ooh, let’s expand the cast. Nah, following all eight of them is already hard enough to begin with. The idea is exciting, though.

"Jail break, baby." –Sun

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