Friday, May 5, 2017

Sense8: Episode 16

16. Polyphony
Will makes a quick exit from the bloody outcome of his Rijks Museum meetup as Sun fights off the guards and Lito stages a hysterical distraction through Riley. Wolfgang breaks the news of his encounter with another Sense8 from a different cluster, prompting a subtle tinge of jealousy from Kala who starts sending him mixed signals. Capheus and she are caught in a riot in Nairobi and Mumbai, respectively. He becomes some sort of a local celebrity thanks to his grassroots advocacy and is interviewed on national TV. Whispers is back, having one of his men tail Neets as she comes back home from work. Lito revisits the house of the Mexican Sense8 from Jonas’ cluster, retrieving a VHS tape showing lethal experiments made on members of their cluster. Jonas is wheeled into a room for his final operation. He manages to visit Will for his last goodbye, apologizing for failing them. As Will and Nomi panic on what to do to help him, they realize it’s too late, standing there helplessly and watching one of the doctors slice his forehead.

Aww, bye bye Jonas. I never really liked the guy because I find him trying hard to be cryptic and shit. But I guess we always knew that he won’t make it until the end. Good for him that he actually survived until Season 2. Moving on, it’s good to see the Korean grandma having extended exposure thanks to Seoul’s subplot. I can’t count the number of K-Dramas in which I’ve seen her play the mother-in-law. Timid mother-in-law. Bitchy mother-in-law. This is probably the first time I’ve seen her playing a fun unconventional role. That was such an emotional goodbye! And that, my friends, is another thing I love about this show. I’m a fan of both Korean dramas and Mexican movies. Seeing personalities from those two worlds that are literally oceans apart in one show is still surreal to me. Anyway, I love how there are light group scenes now. You know how all they ever do is kick ass or have an orgy whenever they are together? Now they are starting to comment on one another’s relationships, and it’s funny somehow.

"Sorry, I failed you." –Jonas

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