Friday, May 5, 2017

Sense8: Episode 17

17. Fear Never Fixed Anything
The cluster mourns Jonas’ death. Three politicians knock on Capheus’ door in an attempt to persuade him to run for office. Sun returns to her guru and is now the subject of a nationwide manhunt. He whips her back to shape in preparation for her revenge. Kala tries to convince herself that her life is perfect despite the obvious reality that she is not satisfied. Nomi and Neets meet a mysterious guy who claims to know about them and also wants to take BPO down. He gives them a Key Death USB which wipes out all of their police records. Lito bemoans the end of his career, and is hesitant to accept an invitation from the organizers of São Paulo’s gay pride parade. Wolfgang continues to deflect the other Sense8’s advances. Whispers visits Will and tries to justify his motives, declaring humanity as a threat to their existence as Homo Sensorium. Riley goes public through a rave party in a thinly veiled open call to all Sense8s to bond together against their common enemy. They narrowly escape the police, but are successful in their cause.

OOH, SENSE8s ASSEMBLE! HAHAHA. I like this new idea of “Finding the others.” EXCITING!!! Of course, not all of them will have the same opinions about this move but it’s interesting to see and get to know more clusters. That bald one that looks like a Tibetan monk did pique my curiosity! And What’s Up is officially their theme song now. LOVE IT!!! Aww, Mumbai. I hate to break it to you, though, but you don’t have a monopoly of this existential crisis. Welcome to the club? I’m starting to love Buggy. He is exaggerated and campy most of the time, but at least he is helpful and funny. I think that was what exactly Mexico City needed to lift his spirits. And I guess that’s the reason why they attended gay pride in Brazil, so they can shoot some scenes there. At least they were able to flawlessly relate it to the main story. Pack your bags, we’re going to Brazzzzzeeeeew! Anyway, you get to realize that the premise of this show is not any different than most which tackle the theme of persecution for being different. Always inspiring!

"Your life is either defined by the system, or by the way you defy the system." –Nomi

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