Friday, May 5, 2017

Sense8: Episode 19

19. I Have No Room in My Heart for Hate
Kala confronts Rajan about his pharmaceutical empire’s questionable practices. Capheus makes up his mind to run for public office, much to the chagrin of his mother. Lito, Hernando, and Daniela celebrate in Rio but their fun is cut short when her parents arrive along with her ex. Back in Mexico City, Lito is dropped by his agency. Sun visits her parents’ tomb and gets not just advice, but also encouragement from her cluster. There the detective finds her and they engage in a rematch. Neets’ family hosts her and Nomi and they try to relax as Will panics over Riley’s trip to Chicago and her fake ID. He apologizes to his friend and persuades him to help Riley. He accompanies her to the scene of Angelica’s suicide where she finds an inhibitor capsule and a glass of water. After losing contact with the other seven, she is greeted by Angelica’s colleague, who gives her Whisper’s address. As Will, Sun, and Wolfgang prepare to attack, Jonas suddenly appears asking him if they are really ready to kill a man in cold blood.

Violence has a gender. Err, that Mexican scumbag is still in the storyline? But at least Daniela gets her own subplot. She’s probably one of my most favorite support characters here. Ooh, that Chicago scene!!! Super flashback to the first episodes. We’ve come so far that there’s room for nostalgia now. Anyway, I love how they take advantage of the sun whenever Seoul’s scenes come around. Aside from the awesome cinematography, it’s in stark contrast to the darkness of her cell prior to jailbreak. Maybe this also serves as a symbolism of new hope for her. A new beginning, for all of them, perhaps? And you have to love all those conversations they have among themselves. It must be nice to have such a good telepathic support system. And AYIIIII, Seoul has a love life. Okay now, don’t kill your love life. LOL. What a user biatch, though. Steal a kiss then render him unconscious? But that’s just Seoul being badass. Love ‘ya, Seoul. Time to redirect all that anger to kicking little bro’s ass now. Anyway, go, Reykjavik! Redeem thyself.

"I'm trapped between what I want and what I know I can't have." –Sun

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