Friday, May 5, 2017

Sense8: Episode 20

20. All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet
Will watches helplessly as Whispers and family are whisked to safety after Jonas’ interruption, who is apparently alive and well. He takes some confidential dossiers with him from his vault after Wolfgang picks the locks. Riley visits the Chicago police station for further investigation of their lead. Lito bemoans the fall of his career and gets a dose of realist advice from Sun, who is hiding in a love motel. Kala assists Will with his drug dependence problem while venting out about her marriage. Capheus’ political campaign kicks off, enjoying wide support from his community despite stark opposition from the incumbent. The Berlin underground gets a bit more dangerous for Wolfgang as the flirtatious Sense8 from the other cluster puts his life on the line in their little game of cat and mouse. He tries to get rid of her once and for all but is lured into a trap. Neets and the gang go on full throttle to help him in his predicament. As tables are turned, two clusters clash, only to be broken off by the arrival of the police.

“BRING IT, BITCH.” OMG! OMG! CLUSTER WARS!!! I had to replay that dinner scene over and over again. It’s not just agit Mumbai I was so amused of but the appearance of the other cluster as well! And of course, that fight scene was kinda epic too. Too bad it was so short. Wait. Wait. Why is Jonas alive again? Sorry, not a fan. I was more annoyed than relieved when he suddenly appeared out of nowhere during the last minute or so of the previous episode. HAHAHAHA, depressed Mexico City is hilarious AF, inviting himself to his cluster’s sofas and annoying the hell out of them. But I guess that’s just part of the Sense8 package. I’m loving the transitions, though. That one where San Francisco walks from one end of the table to another and each of the other seven starts appearing one by one as she passes by. BTW, what’s with all the juxtaposition of Chicago/Reykjavik with Whispers/wife? Is it a subtle foreshadowing of their eventual future or just a visual parallelism of their being trapped in a predicament they can’t get out of?

"Bring it, bitch." –Kala

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