Friday, May 5, 2017

Sense8: Episode 18

18. Isolated Above, Connected Below
The Irish Sense8 Riley connected with warns her on their train trip back to London about how being so trusting can lead to their downfall. Sun leaves her guru’s abode. Lito decides to push through with his São Paulo trip, prompting excited giggles from Daniela and Hernando. He gives out a heartfelt speech, openly declares that he is gay, and introduces Hernando to the crowd as the love of his life. Nomi and Neets enjoy their clean slate and move back to their apartment. They later discover the location of Angelica’s cabin, but finds out that it had been burned to the ground. Kala musters the courage to act on her desires, finally giving in to Wolfgang. Capheus sleeps with the reporter and a new love story blossoms. More and more people are persuading him to run for public office. Riley and Sun connect again and have a quiet conversation, reflecting on their life choices from way back. The former ends up gaining the Irish Sense8’s trust, and learns more about BP, its promising origins, and the its eventual shift to the dark side.

“Sapiens invented Google in the 90’s. We’ve had it since the Neolithic.” Now Reykjavik has her own Sense8 from another cluster! Two of them! Chicago had Jonas and is still connected to Whispers. Mexico City shagged one, but I don’t think that counts. LOL. And of course, Berlin has the one who just did a full frontal in the previous episode and is revealed to be in constant communication with an Asian member of her cluster. WHOAH, MUMBAI? WHOAH. IS THAT YOU??? Demure Virgo no more? Yeah girl, take charge. Life is short. That scene with Rajan kissing Berlin thinking it’s her is hilarious AF. And that naughty smile of his. I guess I ship this couple more because they are such opposites and when their personalities and worlds clash, it’s always guaranteed to be an interesting combo. And well, damn, that Rio gay pride energy is plain electrifying I thought it would be longer, though. But it did accomplish its role in the plot so good job. More Sense8s, please! Let’s give ‘em baddies the war that they want!

"I think I just picked up the equivalent of a Sense8 STD." –Riley

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