Friday, June 8, 2018

Sense8: Episode 24

24. Amor Vincit Omnia
Sedated and strapped to an operating table, Wolfgang relieves his traumatic childhood memories as his cluster devises a rescue strategy, what with both Whispers and Jonas now in their custody. Rajan’s unannounced arrival at their Paris hideout almost ruins the plan as he inadvertently leads BPO right to their very doorstep. Outwitting their assailants, the cluster brings their plan to fruition and gets Wolfgang back, but not without hiccups. Through constant intervention of the Lacuna, they discover that what the chairman of BPO is really after is the establishment of a drone militia, an army of Homo sensorium all linked to Whispers to do his bidding. Together, they form an alliance with unlikely allies to bring down the organization and make sure that their sinister plans wouldn’t go through. Bringing everyone from Paris to Naples and with a near-death experience for one of the eight, the cluster and their friends emerge victorious, ushering in a new era of harmonious co-existence with their Homo sapiens counterparts.

This could have easily been another full ten-episode season, but then again we know how Netflix has a knack for canceling good shows, although I understand the decision given the logistical nightmare this series probably has been to film. Clocking in at two hours and a half, the movie special neatly wraps up the storyline. There could have been way more subplots to explore, but at least we get the closure that we need. I guess what I appreciate most about Sense8 is how even the supporting cast are given due credit. They aren’t just there for display. They actually contribute to moving the storyline forward. As for the ending, concluding the story arcs of the heterosexual characters is straightforward: Sun; Capheus; Riley and Will being a package deal. The Lito-Hernando-Daniela trio is already a given, but perhaps it’s the Wolfgang-Kala-Rajan ménage-à-trois that came as a pleasant surprise. And of course, letting the Nomi-Amanita wedding be the centerpiece of the final act is representation at its finest. I’ll so miss this show.

"I did not think I would survive prison. I did not think I would survive the Park gala. And the truth is I did not. We did." –Sun

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