Friday, May 5, 2017

Sense8: Episode 21

21. What Family Actually Means
Nomi, along with Neets, attends her sister’s wedding and reception. She makes a moving speech highlighting her struggles and their relationship despite her mother’s blatant discouragement. A last minute hack saves her from Bendix crashing the wedding in a attempt to arrest her. Wolfgang goes into hiding. Kala ruminates on the secrets she and her husband are keeping from one another. Capheus faces more threats as his political campaign goes on full swing. Lito sulks in bed in an endless movie marathon. Daniela finds a Hollywood script and scores him a Hollywood audition. Riley is still in Chicago and makes some headway in finding the woman who gave her Whisper’s address. She breaks into a house and gets flashes of Angelica and her cluster-related activities. They find the woman there, who just committed suicide, apparently triggered by Jonas’ appearance. She also visits Will’s dad who lies on his dying bed at the hospital. Whispers defends his position at BPO.

Mumbai, Mumbai. I LOVE AGIT MUMBAI. I feel like she’s a ticking bomb waiting to explode. I’ll make sure I’ll be in the front seat with a bowl full of popcorn when that happens. I think Nairobi’s subplot is a triumph in terms of creative writing. You just see the character progression. I guess I just can’t sympathize with him because of the politics angle. We don’t like politics. No, we don’t. I LOVE THAT WEDDING SCENE!!! Last minute save! DANIELAAAAAA, I love you!!! She nailed that monologue. It’s cool how the support characters here really live up to their label. I mean, San Francisco’s ass is always saved by Buck and Neets. Lito will just sulk to has-been status if not for Daniela and Hernando. Nairobi also has his own support system. So does Berlin. But then again there are those like Seoul who must play lone wolf. That’s what the cluster is for, at least. And it really does let you see how they are not just one cluster. They are family. Chicago's scene at the hospital is heartbreaking, BTW. For the first time, I actually feel bad for him.

"The night before I went into the hospital was the longest and the loneliest I've ever felt in my life. But no one stopped me. When I woke up the first thing I felt was Teagan's hand holding mine. Her smile was the first thing I saw. And her voice singing 'Happy Birthday' was the first thing I heard. It was in that moment my sister taught me what 'family' actually means." –Nomi

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