Friday, May 5, 2017

Sense8: Episode 22

22. If All the World's a Stage, Identity Is Nothing but a Costume
Capheus’ rally draws in an overwhelmingly supportive crowd, but the strong political rhetoric ends in violence. He almost gets assassinated. Kala tries to develop her own blockers for the cluster. She and Wolfgang plan to run away together, neither to Mumbai nor to Berlin, but somewhere nobody knows them. Lito’s audition coincides with Sun’s bartending demo. He prepares her drink. She reads his lines. She gets to keep her disguise and he ends up getting the role of a lifetime, rubbing elbows and boxers with famous Hollywood personalities and his three-time Academy Award winning leading man to be. Will wallows in grief following his father’s death. Whispers takes advantage of his vulnerability and taunts him. He shapes up just in time for Riley’s return and the realization of Sun’s vengeance plot. As her brother enters the party venue, the cluster gets together and attempts to device a foolproof plan to finally end the source of her misery. Are they going to succeed?

DAMN, what a cliffhanger. So I need to wait for the finale to see if Seoul gets to butcher her good for nothing lil’ bro or not? Give this to her guys, come on. This revenge subplot is two seasons in the making. I want blood, a la Kill Bill. But this is THE episode, I guess. The build-up is just so strong leading to the final one. Things seem to be looking up for most of them, almost reaching the destination where they need to be. You can feel the adrenaline rush even if you’re just sitting on the couch with your buffet of different flavors of popcorn! Damn those Nairobi scenes too. How do they get that many people in one place? And the intensity! You just feel like you are there witnessing everything! You know a show is good if it makes you feel that way. Anyway, a one-hour season finale seems too short to wrap up all the loose ends. So far, I like Season 2. We got many answers to our pending questions, and the character development is just so satisfying. Kudos to the Wachowskis, they never disappoint!

"There's nothing more frightening than having a dream come true." –Hernando

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