Saturday, December 24, 2016

Sense8: Episode 13

13. Happy F*cking New Year
Will and Riley are in hiding somewhere in Iceland, but his reliance on heroin to shut off his connection with Whispers is not enough. He can still track them and he also extends his threat by visiting his father back in Chicago. Nomi and Neets suffer the same fate, but count on close friends to hide their tracks. Capheus’ matatu explodes, but he gets a brand new one from his benefactor to repay him for saving his life. Sun is still in prison, not getting enough support because her brother keeps on interfering with her legal representation. Kala and Rajan head over to Positano for their honeymoon, but her constant visions of Wolfgang come between them. Wolfgang is wooed by different factions to be their new leader as the consequence of his uncle’s murder leaves a great void that needs to be filled. His stalwart refusal results in more danger not just for him, but also for a recently recovering Felix. Lito and Hernando experience the backlash of their scandal going viral and must deal with the consequences to their respective careers.

I was hesitant to watch this because the rest of the episodes won’t come out until May next year. SepAnx is real, you know. And oh, that’s Cecilia Suárez! I love Cecilia Suárez! It’s cool seeing random personalities from the Mexican entertainment industry doing a cameo. Anyway, the episode is more like fan service. After all, it’s been a while since episode 12 came out. The show’s followers just need some sort of bridge for now in order to keep their interest alive. As such, we get an episode that is not really plot-driven. The threat of Whisper’s agenda still looms, but we have the entire second season to deal with that. Instead, we get some sort of breather with the double celebration that takes place on their birthday and during Christmas. And remember that orgy teaser last season? The orgy takes place in this episode and all of them participate! The shots are so artistic I had to replay them more than once because I couldn’t pick from the many screenshots to feature here! It looked and felt like a very artsy music video.

"We exist because of sex. It’s not something to be afraid of. It’s something to honor. To enjoy." –Sun

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