Monday, June 15, 2015

Sense8: Episode 3

3. Smart Money Is on the Skinny Bitch
Will wakes up in a hospital after his car crashes with Jonas’, who gets caught by Homeland Security in the process. Nomi is still trapped at the hospital, drugged on a regular basis. Neets, disguised as a nurse, starts a fire and rescues her just before she’s about to get lobotomized. Riley gets rid of all her cash and stash of drugs at a subway station. Lito tries to get rid of Daniela, but she insists on staying, saying that she’s about to be wed off to someone she’s avoiding. In effect, they are now both using each other, with benefits. Sun deflects her family frustrations with a double life, spending her nights as a prized fighter in Seoul’s underground kickboxing scene. Capheus makes ends meet finding a cure for his mother’s HIV, but is sabotaged by the cruelty of Narobi’s street gangs. Armed with Sun’s martial arts and Will’s marksman skills, he pursues his assailants and shows them who’s boss. In Mumbai, Kala and Rajan send sweet messages while attending a corporate meeting on fake drugs being dispensed in the third world.

I wish there were more local languages involved. Some of it doesn’t make sense. Take, for example, the case of Mexico City. Boyfriend and Leading Lady are both native Spanish speakers. Why are they all conversing in English? At home, of all places! It’s the same thing with Seoul and Nairobi. English in a Korean office setting? English at the Kenyan slums? Really? Anyway, Mexico City is the most interesting story arc for now because it’s light, and Boyfriend and Leading Lady are amusing AF. It’s like a showbiz, less-politically charged version of the San Francisco subplot. Berlin does not appear in this episode, which is a first. For the last two episodes, everyone appears even just for a little while even if their stories don’t actually progress. But if you’ve been attentive, seeing Seoul both in Korea and Kenya in one episode gives you a clue as to how difficult it is to pull off this premise. It must be a logistics nightmare. Or perhaps, the production has a really big bank account to back them up. Again, the main storyline takes the backseat.

"I love gay porn." –Daniela

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