Sunday, June 7, 2015

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 5/Episode 9

5.9 The Dance of Dragons
A group of 20 men is sent to sabotage Stannis’ army, destroying their food supply and killing their horses in the night. Desperate, he succumbs to Melisandre’s divine plan of offering Shireen to the Lord of Light. Jon Snow and the Wildling survivors make it back to Castle Black, but not everyone is glad to see them. Jaime comes face to face with Doran, who pardons him and agrees to send back Myrcella with him, in the condition that Trystane join them and take Oberyn’s place at the Small Council. Ellaria is pardoned as well and she swears her allegiance to her king. Arya sets her sights on one of the names on her kill-list, one of the guards accompanying Lord Tyrell in Braavos. Daenerys attends the reopening of the fighting pits and witnesses Ser Jorah fight to the death for her name. He succeeds, and hurls a spear towards the stage, uncovering a Sons of the Harpy rebellion that quickly escalates into a massacre. As they are hopelessly cornered at the middle of the arena, Drogon descends from the sky and whisks his mother away to safety.

The prodigal son returns. Perfect timing, Drogon. Mommy almost got killed back there. Good thing you came along. Always a good time for a bonfire, eh? See, Dragon Mama? Like I already said countless times, just let Drogon fly over Meereen and barbecue everyone. Problem solved! And make good use of Tyrion. He knows how realpolitik works. You can’t rule on idealism alone. That’s naivety that will get you killed, you know. OMFG, Ser Jorah. This is beyond obsession. What are you going to do next, serenade her with a Bee Gees pop hit? How Deep Is Your Love? To Love Somebody, maybe? Fuck Stanny B, seriously. I hated his wife too, but at least she came to her senses, although it was already too late. She’s a nutjob, that’s understandable. But Stanny B? Dude, you have no excuse. You have absolute control of your faculties. I’d understand if he’s following Jean Grey blindly out of lust. He’s a guy after all. But come on, we know that’s not what’s happening here. It’s a bad combo of ambition and delusion. I hope Brienne kills you soon. No excuse for what you did, MoFo.

“It’s always changing, who we’re supposed to love and who we’re not. The only thing that stays the same is that we want who we want.” –Ellaria Sand

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