Monday, June 15, 2015

Sense8: Episode 12

12. I Can't Leave Her
Trapped, Wolfgang visits Kala to bid her farewell, but she’s not ready to say goodbye and so she crafts a homemade explosive for him. He kills his uncle with her watching, then tells her that’s why she should just marry Rajan instead. Riley dreams about her husband’s death and the birth of their child, who also dies shortly after. Will flies to Iceland to rescue her. Nomi hacks their way into the facility. Lito flirts with a lab assistant to get the room number. Sun fights off the security personnel. Kala finds a medical reagent to jolt her back to consciousness. And Capheus takes care of the getaway ambulance. But Will accidentally looks Whispers in the eye, and now he can tap into him. Wolfgang takes the wheel to go head to head with Whispers’ helicopter. As Will and Riley get trapped on a mountaintop, he drugs himself unconscious so Whispers can’t track them, putting his faith on her. He wakes up on a boat cradled in her arms, before she drugs him again. As she looks up, she sees all eight of them onboard, sailing towards the setting sun.

To Chicago: “Yeah, we had sex.” HAHA! We missed you too, Mexico City. That’s a good comeback after your absence in Ep 11. And WAY TO GO, Mumbai! We have an improvised explosives expert in the house! Reykjavik’s predicament is a bit confusing. At first, I thought she was seeing the future, but her recurrent dreams are obviously set in the past. But I guess what this establishes is that yes, she was married and yes, she had a baby who didn’t even live to be a day old. Now we know why she’s so emo. Overall, this finale has been pure adrenaline rush. The Wachowskis did what they can to pack what amount of thrill they can in 55 minutes. Seeing them work together as a team is always fun to watch. I just hope that for season two they can also focus on other aspects. Let’s not stick to abilities, let’s also use their other not so tangible resources such as Seoul’s money, for example? Mexico City’s fame? Their individual stories took the back seat for the resolution of this season’s big event. We’ll be expecting a lot come Season 2.

"My father is a monster, and so are you. And so am I." –Wolfgang

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