Monday, June 15, 2015

Sense8: Episode 10

10. What Is Human?
Sun signs the paperwork that could serve as her get-out-of-jail pass. Kala visits Capheus and they talk about courage in life. Wolfgang’s cousin comes over to threaten Felix’s life, unless he gets “his” diamonds back. Wolfgang returns them and almost gets killed, but Lito comes to the rescue with his acting skills, buying him time to grab his rocket launcher. Lito comes to terms with his sexuality and makes the first move to win Hernando back by thanking the bartender who flirted with him before with a kiss and by rescuing Daniela from her psychotic fiancé. Jonas explains more of the sensate situation to Will, on how they don’t belong to the Homo Sapiens species. He visits Riley before they bond with their respective fathers. Sun and Capheus visit him and together they watch the fireworks in Chicago for the fourth of July celebration. Later on, they all join Riley in Reykjavik to watch her dad’s piano concert, all of them getting a flashback of August 8, the day they were all born. Overwhelmed with emotions and visions, Riley faints.

HAHAHAHA! WTF, Mexico City??? But I guess that was to be expected. He’s just an actor anyway. It’s a good thing Berlin came to his rescue to return the favor. I thought it was going to be Seoul, but whatevs. Mission accomplished! Again, woohoo, team work! And I know that people are thinking that the Mexico City subplot is exaggerated. After all, it’s 2015, right? Well, I guess you just haven’t been to Mexico yet. Okay, so Jonas continues to be the show’s talking encyclopedia. I am just intrigued. Should we believe this guy? It’s his word versus that of the other sensate in Iceland. What if he’s the bad guy after all? I mean, Wachowskis, dude. These siblings know how to throw a couple of red herrings around to make everything more interesting. What if he just fooled Angelica and he has a hidden agenda? The woman in Iceland is also shady, though. Argh! Anyway, I love the montage of birth scenes, albeit a bit gory but hey, that’s childbirth for you. With just two episodes left for the season, I wonder what the climax will be like.

"Secrets are important to their species. Secrets are the center of their identities, of their societies. Secrets maintain their hierarchy." –Jonas

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