Monday, June 15, 2015

Sense8: Episode 4

4. What's Going On?
An old man buys the diamonds Wolfgang and Felix (Max Mauff) have stolen, and they party hard with the sudden windfall. The wedding preparations of Kala and Rajan are now in full swing. Sun applies make-up on her facial bruises before meeting her father and revealing her brother’s embezzlement transactions. He begs her to take the fall to avoid a family scandal. Capheus’ newfound fame means he now has more passengers. He later meets a wealthy gangster who offers him HIV meds for his mom, in exchange for being a drug courier. Lito tells Daniela how her fiancé invited him to lunch and pointed a knife to his throat, but she’s busy flirting with Hernando over breakfast. Riley receives a call from her dad. Will uses his personal connections to talk to Jonas, but fails. He appears anyway and teaches him the difference between sharing and visiting. Nomi is being prepped for surgery once more. Using his sharing skills, Will wakes up on Nomi’s OR bed, removing her IV, leading to her successful escape with Neets.

I love how they suddenly bonded over 4 Non Blonde’s WHAT’S GOING ON, including San Francisco who is on the operating table. And they seem to be really pushing a Mumbai – Berlin team-up, eh? The funny thing is I’m actually shipping them. The inevitable culture clash is going to be interesting, and they’re going to be making really good-looking babies. LOL. Damn, I’m loving how Seoul is turning out to be such a badass bitch, beating up bouncers way bigger than her. She and Chicago will be the driving force of this group when the time comes to kick some ass. And oh, the local languages are coming, but in the all the wrong places? Will suddenly uttering something in Korean! So yeah, only Chicago and San Francisco are in the loop so far, but only Chicago is getting some real practice as a sensate. The prospect of all eight of them meeting is exciting. They are not super, but this sharing and visiting thing is cool. I wish the bigger picture would soon reach the others. For now, Mexico City, Mumbai, and Berlin all seem irrelevant.

"4 Non Blondes. Perfect soundtrack for a lobotomy." –Neets

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