Monday, June 15, 2015

Sense8: Episode 5

5. Art Is Like Religion
Nomi contemplates on her hallucinations. Neets says the doctor might be hiding something and they must find out what it is. Capheus’ package is intercepted by goons, but he tracks them down and gets it back, securing his mother’s HIV meds as a prize. He visits Riley in London and Sun in Seoul, where they talk about their respective mothers. Lito experiences the pain of Sun’s menstrual period, affecting his work. His film action sequence coincides with Will’s actual police pursuit, where they inadvertently share each other’s actual reality. Will talks to Nomi’s mother, getting intel as a police officer regarding her whereabouts. Wolfgang’s uncle suspects he’s the one who stole the diamonds that should’ve been for them, but he feigns ignorance. Kala marries Rajan but as she is performing her part of the ritual, a fully naked Wolfgang fresh out of a swim in a Berlin pool appears right in front of her. He asks her what she’s doing, telling her that she doesn’t really love him, before they both lose consciousness.

When Mexico City and Seoul see each other in the mirror, they both utter, “Are you for real?” in Spanish and Korean, respectively, which I find weird because this is exactly when they SHOULD be speaking English, by instinct at least, seeing a foreigner and stuff. But Berlin suddenly spoke Hindi while sharing with Mumbai and conversing with her in German at first. So perhaps it doesn’t really matter, given how this sharing thing means they can tap not just each other’s emotions, but skills as well, linguistic included. Anyway, the visiting scenes are multiplying fast, and we get to see more of the characters interacting. It can be chaotic and artistic at the same time, like Mexico City’s fictional action scene juxtaposed with Chicago’s actual crime scene. Some are also hilarious, like that of Mexico City and Seoul. And then there are some rather poignant ones, like that of Nairobi and Seoul talking about their mothers. I’m looking forward to the time when all of them will be interacting at the same time. Overwhelming thought!

"Impossibility is a kiss away from reality." –Neets

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