Monday, June 15, 2015

Sense8: Episode 6

6. Demons
Riley’s past catches up with her as she finds her drug lord friend in her flat, asking for his money and merchandise back, by force. As they suffocate her with a plastic bag, Will is also asphyxiated. He helps her break free from her ordeal. Sun takes the fall for her family and surrenders to the police. She goes to jail. Riley visits her and they talk about their respective dilemmas over hash. Kala wakes up the next day with her entire family watching her. When they leave the room, she sees a shirtless Wolfgang on her bed and blames him for what happened at the banquet. He tells her that he wanted her since the first time he saw her, and he thinks the feeling is mutual. Capheus quits driving his matatu in exchange for being his benefactor’s daughter’s driver/bodyguard. Nomi and Neets relocate to the latter’s house to hide. As their morning make-out session coincides with that of Lito and Hernando, as well as Wolfgang’s pool session and Will’s workout time, they experience a sensual connection like they have never before.

Okay, so we’ve graduated from one-on-one hetero and homo sex scenes to a pool orgy teaser. Make sure your kids are asleep while you are watching this show. Otherwise, you’ll have a lot of explaining to do. Sexual taboos aside, I think the orgy is just in line with the show’s premise. It’s all about sharing their senses, right? And isn’t it the case that all of our senses are heightened when we are getting intimate with someone? Come to think of it, it’s actually the best figurative metaphor for the connection they have been dealing with so far: An orgy of 8 lives brought together by a common enemy. It’s harder to root for a Berlin – Mumbai team-up when the third party is not a jerk, but their love story is so cute because they are such polar opposites. I’m thinking it’s going to take a turn for the teenybopper anytime soon. London is really the one doing a lot of visiting here, eh? She’s been to Nairobi, Seoul, Chicago... Did I miss a place? I think it’s because she’s the one who feels trapped for real, both in an emotional and physical sense.

"It’s not the drug that makes the addict. It’s the need to escape reality." –Riley

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