Monday, June 15, 2015

Sense8: Episode 11

11. Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes
Riley wakes up in a hospital, and the sensate who warned her against Jonas tells her she’s going to die on that bed. Nomi wakes up from that nightmare and she and Will visit each other to plan her rescue. Kala admits to Rajan that his father asked her not to marry him, and he tells her that he has always known. She is later celebrated by the temple’s worshippers for “getting rid” of her future father-in-law. Sun’s brother comes over to deliver bad news: their father’s death. But she can see through his charades and tells him he murdered their father. Capheus settles “his debts” with the thugs, but instead of giving up the girl, he faces them alone. He then finds his boss captive there, and they ask him to end his life. Sun’s rage and his coincide and a bloodbath ensues. As he is trapped in a highway chase, he asks help from Will. Wolfgang gets Felix out of the hospital and relocates him somewhere safe before going on a suicide mission to kill his uncle. Kala tries to stop him, and they kiss, but he just won’t listen.

You don’t give Seoul a huge knife. You just don’t. The old hag in Iceland is the bad guy. I like how San Francisco suddenly wakes up to Reykjavik’s dilemma and she and Chicago plan to rescue her at once like it’s second nature. And can someone already give Neets a best supporting actress award or something. She’s SOOOO supportive, I love it. I hope she doesn’t die. Characters like that are usually the ones targeted to disappear for dramatic effect. On the contrary, Nairobi’s subplot is beginning to annoy me. I don’t like street gang violence. I don’t like lowlifes who prey on the weak for whatever reason. We’re all just trying to survive on this planet, and there’s no justification for bullying in any form. Anyway, fuck Seoul’s bro, I think he really killed their dad. I’m looking forward to the time when she literally beats his sorry ass. Oops, wish granted. She already did! Damn, I love Seoul. She’s the ultimate fighting machine!!! She’s like Tekken or Street Fighter personified!!! So I guess the finale will be focused on Reykjavik then. Make it fun!

"Call me a bitch one more time..." –Sun

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