Sunday, June 14, 2015

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 5/Episode 10

5.10 Mother's Mercy
With what army he has left, Stannis attacks Winterfell and is easily routed by the Boltons. Brienne finds him heavily wounded and exacts her revenge for Renly’s murder. Sansa plots her escape but is foiled by Myranda, whom Theon pushes off the wall to her death, before helping her escape. Arya crosses out the first person on her list, but is reprimanded for ending a life she’s not meant to take. As a consequence, she goes blind. Myrcella sails back to King’s Landing with Jaime and tells him she always knew that he’s her father, before her nose bleeds and she dies in his arms due Ellaria’s poisonous kiss. In Meereen, Varys reunites with Tyrion who is tasked to lead the city while Daario and Jorah look for Daenerys, whom Drogon leaves at a field surrounded by a Dothraki horde. Cersei confesses and is punished with a nude walk of shame back to the Red Keep. Sam and Gilly goes away to the citadel so he can become a Maester. Ser Davos reasons with Jon Snow to send reinforcements, right before Melisandre arrives on horseback bearing the news of Stannis’ defeat. Jon Snow is tricked using info about his Uncle Benjen as bait, and is led to a cross which says “Traitor”. His brothers stab him one by one, with Olly dealing the final blow.

UNFAIR! It’s Stab Jon Snow Day and nobody bothered to tell me? PICK ME! PICK ME! I wanna stab him too! Ah shit, he’s already bleeding to death. Traitors. Hahaha, did Stanny B just elbow Jean Grey in the face? Someone’s pissed. But I still look forward to your death, you fucking idiot. Oh wait, that did not take long. Now go to hell, Stanny B. You like fire anyway, right? Damn it, Myrcella is dead too? That’s 1/2 of Trystella out the window. Now I’d have to ship Bron and one of the Sand Snakes. But Daaaaad, they are not teenybopper enough! Sad, though. That girl seems to be the only functional Lannister kiddo. I mean, she knew that Prince Charming is her daddy all along, seems as though she inherited Uncle Tyrion’s wit sans the alcoholism. As for Queen B, well, that was humiliating. She’ll bounce back. That look on her face as the Mountain 2.0 carried her back to her room? That’s one hell of a Super Saiyan Bitch face. How she’ll get that revenge, well, let’s leave that to the imagination. I’m with her on this one.

“I’m glad the end of the world’s working out well for someone.” –Jon Snow

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