Monday, June 15, 2015

Sense8: Episode 8

8. We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our Hearts
Daniela agrees to marry her fiancé again so he’d leave the two alone, causing Hernando to break up with Lito. Kala visits Wolfgang at a Berlin hospital where Max is confined. Her future father-in-law tells her he knows she doesn’t want to marry his son and that it’s fine, before he gets repeatedly stabbed in front of her. Scared, Capheus decides to just drive his matatu again after witnessing his boss chop off the hands of a person who betrayed him. Thugs later threaten his mother’s life in exchange for his boss’ daughter. Sun gains both friends and enemies in prison, and puts her kickboxing skills to good use. Will gets ready for work when Riley visits him. She gives him a tour of her Reykjavik home. He does the same, and invites her to come to America. They kiss. He visits Nomi and they finally share their intel leading them to a company called BPO. Whispers arrives at Neet’s house and Nomi gets cornered in an alley. Sun fights off her two assailants, while Capheus helps her escape by driving a stolen car. Will is suspended from his job.

TEAMWORK, HOORAY!!! That was super exciting! I’m looking forward to more scenes like that. Now they just have to include Mumbai, Berlin, and Mexico City in the loop. Or maybe it’s just hard to do so because they just don’t have anything useful to offer for now? I mean, what’s Mumbai to do in such an emergency? Appear and pray to Ganesha? I wonder how she will be useful in the long run, as far as the bigger picture is concerned. By the way, I’m loving Seoul’s prison scenes. It’s unfair AF that she’s there, but the personality development she’s getting is beyond compare. This will toughen her up really well, which is good because her kickboxing ability seems to be the most popular among the other sensates to borrow when they are in need. Awww, Daniela NOOOO. The breakup is sad, but this is the best thing for Mexico City so he can rethink what he’s doing in his life. He’s such a drama queen. At least Hernando has the balls to stand up for what is right. You can’t have it all, Mexico City. Life simply doesn’t work that way.

"My mother did not teach me to sew, but my father taught me business. This is called second mover advantage." –Sun

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