Monday, June 15, 2015

Sense8: Episode 7

7. WWN Double-D
Daniela repays Lito and Alejandro’s kindness by bringing them to a popular restaurant for a date, suggesting that the latter pretend to be their bodyguard. The fun ends when they find her ex-fiancé back at their place and he harasses them. Riley goes back to Reykjavik still believing that she is hexed, but Capheus joins her in the plane ride and reassures her that she’s lucky. Sun is welcomed by tough women in prison who are there for crimes like murder. Kala consults Ganesha about her wedding and Wolfgang’s frequent appearances, when she suddenly finds him right there. They share their views about gods and religion. Back in Berlin, Max winds up dead after their partners in crime betray them. Will brokers a deal with the street thugs he’s patrolling in exchange for intel regarding the night of Angelica’s suicide. Nomi reconnects with her criminal hacker past to even the playing field against their enemies. When they break into Metzger’s place, he catches them, before being ambushed by Whispers. The doctor ends up dead.

HAHAHA, I love how Mumbai talks to Ganesha, discussing Berlin’s “large junk” to the god as if they were gal pals or something. And the two are having a date in every episode now, huh? I wonder when they will connect more with the other sensates. They do make the story light, alright, but the main premise is just moving at a really glacial pace. Again, only Chicago and San Francisco are getting good leads regarding the bigger picture. And this couple is so cute, going Nancy Drew and shit on the doctor before shit got real. At least we’re now getting answers. It’s like Mexico City’s subplot is getting heavier and San Francisco’s is getting lighter. Oh wow, I know that granny in Korean jail!!! She appears in, like, all Korean telenovelas! But again, it’s awkward. Five Korean inmates in Korean prison speaking English? Really? Fine, I’m whining again. I know this show was made for American television, but they can read subtitles too, no? I just feel like it would have felt more genuine if there were more local languages heard in all the right places.

"Privileged, NOT lucky." –Riley

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