Friday, March 29, 2019

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 28

28. Forever!
Abby and Eric plant evidence while Sheila and Joel take the body to another fracking site to blow it up. They don’t do it without hiccups, though, resulting in Sheila dislocating her arm and Joel temporarily losing his sense of hearing. In the end, everything goes as planned and the FBI are now off their track. The decision not to include Abby in all the murder planning and being a Knight of Serbia continues despite her insistence. Sheila brings Jean some ears for lunch and tries to convince her not to kill people. When they find out that it’s her caregiver who’s stealing her money and not even remorseful at that, they both pounce and get their meal for the day. The old lady gives important advice about child-rearing based on her own experience with her estranged daughter. Abby further proves her abilities when she captures Ron after Joel screws up. In the end, they all agree to finally push through with their Knights of Serbia application, for which they get a reply informing them of a house visit. Mr. Ball Legs escapes from his cage.

This whole Knights of Serbia application subplot seems too dangerous, but one must admit that it’s just the kind of thrill that the show needs. After all, it is that balance between the supernatural and the family comedy that makes the series a great watch. Make one outweigh the other and it’s not going to be the same fun show anymore. Having said that, I still think that this is one of the best shows tackling parenthood as well as marital issues, the supernatural aspect just being the catch. While the way by which they make each wannabe villain rather endearing is getting formulaic fast, you can’t help but admire the attempt to present a parallelism with the reality of the Hammonds, so that every Undead that turns up is not really a villain but rather a lesson the family can learn from. Perhaps the only concern now is that more and more of them are coming to Santa Clarita and it feels like things are getting out of control. But true to the show’s formula, we got rid of another threat today. Bye, bye, FBI!

"Well it's 3 AM and I just reattached a part of my mother so I'm gonna call it a night." –Abby Hammond

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