Friday, March 29, 2019

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 26

26. The Chicken and the Pear
Sheila wants Abby to learn about compassion and kindness and as a punishment, she takes her along to her Meals on Wheels project, a difficult old woman who eventually opens up to them. They realize there are some people who want to live longer but just couldn’t. Tommy drops by to retrieve his crossbow, but Joel won’t give it back. He reveals that the Knights of Serbia will be scouting for his replacement. Joel decides he needs to apply in order to protect Sheila. He makes an audition video with Eric’s help, but hesitates after finding out that his child must serve as his heir in case he dies. He and Sheila don’t want that future for Abby. Ron is nowhere to be found but Joel traces his whereabouts to one of his friends, who turns out to have been bitten by Ron intentionally, not for food but rather just for spreading the virus. As he attacks both Joel and Sheila, Abby kills him with a three-blade dagger to the head, proving that she is capable and reiterating her desire to be a Knight of Serbia.

This is the continuation of the parenthood subplot with Abby, which is still touching somehow but it does go against another parenthood tenet, which is supporting your child as far as his/her aspirations are concerned. It is really obvious that Abby wants to be a bad-ass. Perhaps it’s just the excitement or maybe she just has a lot of angst that needs to be released but hey, she does a pretty good job at it. But then again, we have to interpret this metaphorically. While the show touches a lot of important topics about such theme, it’s still a fictional zombie flick after all. Anne does not appear and neither does Ron, but now it’s clear who has become the real troublemaker. He is recruiting people to become Undead, and this can easily go haywire, a pandemic that will be hard to contain. While such premise seems promising and more exciting, we’ve already seen this apocalyptic scenario in one too many zombie stories. What makes this show great is how it remains to be family-oriented by keeping the zombie element in check. So, no, Ron.

"Joel touched me." –Eric

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