Friday, March 29, 2019

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 22

22. Knighttime
Thanks to Anne, Sheila and Joel find out that it’s Ron (Jonathan Slavin) who left the knife on their door with the warning about the Knights of Serbia. They visit him at his house. He tells them about meeting Paul (Zachary Knighton) who is a descendant of the knights. Joel pretends to be a knight from another state and pays Paul a visit. There they discover that he is moving to Hawaii with his wife and that his sharp shooter brother will be taking over his duties. Joel makes a fake website about a realtor couple in hopes of misleading the enemy, but it is Chris and Christa that the brothers find on the news after their fraudulent past is exposed by Anne to a journalist friend, after she sees the two threatening Joel and Sheila the other morning. While they find Anne to be useful, Joel and Sheila decide to talk to her soon to set some boundaries after an elderly couple from the cult she has established knock on their front door. An FBI agent arrives at Santa Clarita High School as Abby and Eric scramble to hide evidence of the fracking site blow-up.

Nah, Anne is becoming too meddlesome, like some deus-ex-machina cum convenient plot device. Her role has been so convenient for advancing the plot that it’s too obvious now that there will be a catch down the road. I mean, I trust the writers of this show. They haven’t failed us so far. In any case, the show is still amusing because it never fails in giving us the funny side of all the characters, even those who are supposed to be the villains. This is a good thing because they don’t appear one-sided. You can’t really hate on them that much, except maybe for the weekly guest stars in minor roles that are not supposed to leave an impression. It is also the first time that Sheila reflects on her immortality and what perks and dilemmas such concept entails. On other news, I feel like Chris and Christa are going to be gone soon. I’m going to miss them. From a writer’s point of view, if the knight’s brother kills Christa and gets caught, he goes away too. Convenient, right? I still hope to be surprised, though. Let’s wait and see if it will be that predictable.

"I fingerbanged her into her first orgasm in her brother's bar mitzvah party." –Christa

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