Friday, March 29, 2019

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 29

29. Zombody
Eric screws up his MIT interview but gets a second chance the following week, while Abby finds a new friend in Winter who turns out to be on their side after all. The Hammonds are visited by the Grand Priory of the Knights of Serbia, a middle-aged woman who looks more like a timid school teacher than a zombie killing machine. Sheila finds it problematic how she refers to the Undead as Zombies and their meeting is almost sabotaged by Mr. Ball Legs. As things go right back on track, Joel is given the mission of retrieving Ron’s friend Andre who he announces on Reddit that he’ll be biting next. It should be an easy task because Ron is chained in the basement, except that he escapes and is kidnapped by Poplović’s men. Instead of being turned over to their boss, Ron convinces the duo how great being undead is, and then bites them. As Andre turns out to be unbitten, Joel is inducted as a knight as the two new hungry undead go on a killing spree and make their way to Santa Clarita to pay the new Knight of Serbia a visit.

And we have one episode left! It seems like the show is already prepping its audience for a zombie apocalypse kind of storyline, but what I really liked about this chapter is how treatment of the Undead can be a very good metaphor for race, religion, gender, and all other controversial themes that tend to divide us as human beings. This series is full of insight and balanced opinion, like a social commentary masquerading as a zombie flick. Now that Joel is finally a Knight of Serbia, this means the plot can finally move forward, and given the new threats that are fast approaching the city, I guess we can expect something action-packed for the season finale. I wonder how the other undead who are still under control will react to this news. It also gives you a good look at how outbreaks spread, peppered with the show’s unique brand of comedy, of course. I am looking forward to the season finale and I hope it won’t be a letdown. Overall, all three seasons have been great so far!

"Let her try. Unlike a cantaloupe, I'll eat her face." –Sheila Hammond

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